tom bh
#Digital Nomad

Being Ordinary

As some of you may already know I’m really into spirituality; what with a Religious Studies degree, a daily meditation practise and a book on the subject. So a good friend of mind‒and current housemate‒, Mike Kewley, who’s also very much into the spiritual world, have decided to experiment with some podcasting on a site we’ve called

The idea came about as a progression of the many long and fascinating discussions that we’ve had over the years. Having met at university, where we were both studying Religious Studies, our conversations have always had a most enjoyable mixture of intellectualising balanced by experiential reflections. It struck us that, though we never come to an ‘answer’, we always have fun trying and never seem to run out of new topics and fresh perspectives. In this way I compared it to jamming with musical instruments and in this spirit we’ve decided to release some of our ‘sessions’ to see if anyone else finds them interesting.