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ChromePHP setup for all your local sites

As you may kow you can output your PHP debugging into the Chrome console using ChromePHP. Hallelujah!

However, there is a 4k limit to the size of the output ChromePHP can return. Bugger. Therefore you need to use ChromePHP::useFile() in order to allow unlimited output. This works by outputting debugging content to somewhere on the filesystem and reading that output from a public URL such as http://localhost/chromephpoutput

I didn’t want to have to setup Apache every time I start developing a new site locally, eg;

etc... <br> So what you can do is simply add; `Alias /chromephp /tmp/chromephp` to your Apache config (say at `/etc/apache2/conf.d/vhosts.conf`) and for every domain that you host locally you'll be able to access `/tmp/chromephp` via the URL `http://somelocaldevsite12312/chromephp`

Now, if you’ve put the ChromePHP lib on your include path and added; ChromePHP:useFile('/tmp/chromephp', '/chromephp'); to that lib or anywhere else in your code, ChromePHP will now work for every site and for any amount of debugging output.