tom bh
#Digital Nomad

Going Dark

I’ve changed the theme of my website to be dark. I generally prefer dark themes, so it makes sense for my own little corner of the internet to be in keeping.

I haven’t posted in a long time, just over 2 years! I’ve actually tried quite a few times, but they’re often pretty bogged down in politics, it just makes me feel too soapboxy and crackpotty to publish. Basically, the gist of them all is: I just like being outside the West, and that’s a part of why I continue to travel.

I’ve been travelling so long now, 7 years, and it must be nearly 60 countries. It’s such a habit that I often don’t even let my friends know where I am, let alone my website or Twitter or something.

Anyway, I’m in a small city called Salta in the very North of Argentina at the moment. I’ve been here about 4 months and South America as a whole about a year and half.

I’m generally well, still meditating, hacking on my own computer projects and managing to find remote software work. Though admittedly often feel lonelier than I’d like to, not that I didn’t feel so different when I wasn’t travelling.

Anyway, just a little note to say, though I might seem dark, the light still shines.