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我在中国九个月,还有我在中文的学校两个月。所以我希望我中文开始有用。 我老师给我们作业:说一说奇怪的故事。所以我想写下这里然后大家觉得我很酷因为我知道中文:D 有更多从我大走路这里

年二零一五我走路从北边威尔士到我布里斯托家。是二百七十五公里。第二晚我上山斯诺登,这是最高山的威尔士。 我不觉得我可以晚过那里因为一点危险。我看到日落了。风景非常漂亮。我不想走。因为天空和风很好我决定试试 睡觉那里。先我一个人那里。这么安静。是很黑暗,我可以看到很多星星。我一点冷但是还可以睡觉。然后很多登山 来到!我们聊天。他们觉得奇怪看到有人睡觉上山,我觉得奇怪看到恨晚的登山!然后大部分的人走。剩下四个人。 一个有坏腿。他们有威士忌。我们看看星星的时候说一说生活。他们走的时候最后我又睡觉。

I’ve been in China 9 months now and the last 2 months of that I’ve been attending a Chinese school. So I hope my Chinese is starting to become somewhat useful. Our teacher has given us some homework: to talk about a strange story. So I thought I’d write it down here so that you all think I’m cool because I know Chinese. You can find out more about the whole adventure here.

In 2015 I walked from North Wales to my home in Bristol. It’s 275km. On the second night I climbed Snowden, the highest mountain in Wales. I didn’t think I could spend the night there because it was a little dangerous. I watched the sunset. The view was extremely beautiful. I didn’t want to leave. Because the sky and the wind was good I decided to try to sleep there. At first I was alone. It was so peaceful. It was dark, I could see lots of stars. I was a little cold but I could still sleep. Then lots of mountaineers arrived! We chatted. They thought it was strange to see someone sleeping on the mountain, I though it was strange to see mountaineers so late on the mountain! Then most of the people left. Four people remained. One had a bad leg. They had whiskey. We talked about life whilst we looked at the stars. When they left I could finally sleep again.