tom bh
#Digital Nomad

Thought For The Day #3

Broadcast 8th of July 2013 on BBC Radio Bristol

I was touched to see that one of the first things Andy Murray did after winning Wimbledon yesterday was climb up the spectators stand to individually thank each member of his team. To me it was a public acknowledgment of how his victory depended just as much on other people as it did on himself. He could have just waved at them from the court, or mentioned their names in his acceptance speech. But instead he wanted to physically touch each one.

In contrast to Murray’s gesture it’s striking that modern culture gives the impression that human contact isn’t that important. For example, a lot of us live on our own, spending more time relating to TV and Youtube characters rather than real people. Or think of how our first reaction to a stranger sparking up a conversation on the street, is suspicion rather than excitement.

But the sun’s been out in full force this weekend. More of us have left our houses to be out in the world than I can remember in a long time. We’ve been rubbing shoulders in the pubs as we jump for joy at the Murray and Lions victories. The packed streets of Saint Paul’s Carnival have had us squeezing past each other to see the colourful, musical parades.

At the end of the day, there just isn’t any substitute for the nourishment of other people’s company. And no amount of philosophical ideas or religious thoughts can replace the impact of heartfelt conversations and warm embraces.