tom bh
#Digital Nomad

Thought For The Day #6

Broadcast 29th of July 2013 on BBC Radio Bristol

The great wit and raconteur Oscar Wilde once made the shocking quip that, “a good friend will always stab you in the front”. Of course, given the choice, I’d rather not be stabbed at all. But unfortunately life doesn’t always afford me that luxury. Sometimes it looks me in the eye and says, “I’m sorry but you need to hear this”. I’d like to share one such home truth.

The reason I don’t think we’ve discovered the secret meaning of life yet, is because I don’t think there is one. No amount of spiritual seeking, nor philosophical study is ever going to solve the mystery of the universe. Now, I’m not for one moment suggesting that happiness isn’t possible. In fact I’m suggesting that it’s all the more possible when we take it down off the shelf marked ‘hopes and dreams’.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but often I prolong wallowing in my misfortune and hardship. It’s just so convenient to be able to use my unfavourable circumstances as an excuse. Grabbing contentment by the scruff of the neck and assertively dragging it back home sounds too much like hard work to me. Instead I console myself that I’m not strong enough and don’t understand life properly yet. Secretly I hope the day will soon come when I magically stumble on all the answers.

But I think we are tough enough and we are wise enough. We know full well what it is we have to do today. So get let’s get out there and do it. No excuses.