tom bh
#Digital Nomad

Thought For The Day #8

Broadcast 2nd of October 2013 on BBC Radio Bristol

Every apple that I’ve ever eaten straight off a tree, at this time of year, has been satisfyingly crunchy and juicy. But much to my disappointment shop-bought ones have been unpredictably soft and dry. When British fruit is out of season I let it slip. But right now I’m walking down fruit isles scowling at the Royal Galas as if they’re old friends letting me down.

I must admit I don’t know the logistics of getting apples from branch to shop. But with supermarket’s burgeoning profits I can’t help but feel a little shortchanged. The problem is that I’ve tasted the apple’s true potential and I can’t forget it.

What if the same thing is happening with the supermarkets of life, like careers, relationships or religion? What if my job, my friends or my spiritual leanings have been sold to me like products on a shelf? What does it mean to experience a fresh, local and seasonal life?

As someone for whom meditation is deeply important, I would say that the crunchiest and juiciest bites are found in the present moment. My perfect career is simply the task at hand, whether that’s calmly attending to my breathing or debugging computer programs. The sweetest relationships are the ones that I have today, not the ones I hope to have next year. My religion is the words of wisdom from a friendly stranger on the bus.

Well it’s either that or I make my millions setting up the world’s largest apple farming empire. I’ll make sure no-one eats a bad apple ever again.