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Underscore Skillswap

At 7pm, on Tuesday, November 30th in The Pervasive Media Studios, Bristol there’ll be a traditional Underscore skillswap on the subject of Social Network Application Development.

It’s free! But please book a ticket first from Eventwax first.

Since the Web got its 2.0 badge, there’s been a lot of stuff about social things, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc. We’ll ask questions like; How significant is the Social Web now? How does one build websites and applications for it? And where is it all going?

We’re hoping to provide a, somewhat controversial, underlying theme throughout that the disparate and ‘walled garden’ Social Web of today is similar to the early unorganised days of email and that open formats, standards and protocols will soon unify our social experience on the Internet.

Current speakers are;

Thomas Buckley-Houston Facebook application developer and Open Social Web advocate.

Richard Dennys Digital Marketeer, Principal Consultant at Digital Divinity. Currently helping some big brands with their Facebook strategies.

Tom Holder Web developer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Simpleweb. Open standards enthusiast, likes PubSubHubBub and Activity Streams.