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Walking Wales - Day 2

How geeky is this? I am in a tent, in the middle of Snowdonia, writing a blog post on my phone. I have weak Edge Internet reception and I have been charging my batteries using the Welsh sun.

These first 2 days have been epic. It’s still sinking in that I am walking all the way home to Bristol. I still can’t quite believe it’s possible. I have so much to say about it all, but I’m sure I can’t fit it all here. I’ve been making diary entries on video, so hopefully the documentary will come together at some point. The gist though is that it’s both hard work and exhilerating. It’s exhausting walking so much with such a heavy pack. My feet are fine, but my bum and shoulders are aching in weird places from the rucksack. The scenary has been breathtaking. I am so lucky with the weather.

Today, walking along the Carneddau’s I felt like I was in Mordor. The rocks are very craggy and all around are HUGE mountains and ridges, with dark and forboding butresses. I am always surprised that places like this exist in the UK. Seeing such sites does something to my mind. I’m at once scared and humbled. Somehow I see the sheer, unmoving might of the mountains inside me. And it gives me strength.

Tomorrow is likely to be the hardest day in terms of climbing. I will attempt at least 4 munros (mountains over 3000 feet); Tryfan, Glydar Fawr, Glydar Fach and Snowdon. I just spoke to my old friend Aaron on the phone, he lives in Porthmadog, not far away and knows these mountains well. He even thinks I should take the Crib Goch route up Snowdania, the hardest route with scrambling and sheer drops either side. Mmmm, will have to see how I feel. He said he’ll come and meet me at Beddgelert tomorrow or Monday.

I’m going to take Monday as a rest day. I hadn’t planned to, but these high mountains are taking it out of me. Hopefully I can get a shower, eat some chips, catch up on some emails and stock up on food. I need a new water bottle, current one is leaking. Also hoping to get a new battery for my phone, have it sent to the Post Office there, my current one seems to be discharging at an alarming rate, even when I remove it from the phone!

Can’t wait to upload some ofthe amazing photos I have, but that may have to wait for better Internet.