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Walking The Length Of Wales

I am walking the length of Wales. From Llandudno to my flat in Bristol. It is some 275km and will take me about 2 weeks, give or take a day or 2, or 5! I don’t have a strict route, but would like to pass some waypoints on the way; Tryfan, Snowdon, Cadaer Idris, the sources of the Wye and Severn, the Brecon Beacons, the Wye Valley and the old Severn bridge. You can keep up with my exact GPS location because I’ve got a phone app that broadcasts to the Viewranger Website. Also, follow me on Twitter, I’m @twombh, for live updates.

I’ve made a custom Google map of the rough route.

<img width=”100%”src=”/images/wales_route.jpg”>


I’ve been thinking about doing something like this since I was a teenager. Me and some friends would often go out hiking for days on end. I loved the feeling of being independent, of having everything I needed to survive on my back. My father was similar when he was younger and walked a route similar to the one I’m planning, but finishing up in Mid-Wales near to where I grew up, just south of Lampeter. Every part of the route I’m taking I have been to before, apart from perhaps the lowlands between Abergavenny and the Wye Valley. I know and love the Welsh countryside; I’ve walked, camped, fallen in love, danced, cried, taking psychedelic mushrooms and lived amongst it over 25 years.

So this adventure is something of a pilgrimage, a reconnecting with a dear friend. I am not raising money for anyone. It is purely for my own indulgence; a retreat, a time to reflect and contemplate. I will be attempting to make a video documentary, so I’ll be filming, making diary entries and recording audio as I travel. I will also be tweeting and blogging as I go, I am a geek after all.

Video of my digital setup

Every single item I will travel with